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Interkulturelle Kompetenz


Develop intercultural skills through courses in music and ethnic dance for adults

Ndoumbe lobe, Cyrille - Vorsitzender Integration Oldenburg Deutschland eV

Intercultural communication

Prof. Georgios Nikolaou University of Ioannina Griechland

The dimension magicoreligieuse

Prof. Esoh Elame University Venedig Italien

Interkulturelle Kommunikation Oldenburg Deutschland

Dr, Claus.Melter - Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Deutschland

Assimilation Cultural Relativism Interculturalism

Georgios Nikolaou, Assistant Professor University of Ioannina von - Griechenland

Acquire intercultural skills through dance and music

Ndoumbe lobe, Cyrille - Vorsitzender Integration Oldenburg Deutschland eV

Youth centerPresentation

Damyanova Krassimira Haskovo Bulgaria




Intercultural competence

1.1 Objectives

People of different age groups shall acquire intercultural competence via music and ethnic dances. This competence shall be based on tolerance, solidarity and cultural diversity.

To achieve this, the following steps will be necessary:

  • Drawing up a set of educational modules; checking with teachers in dance and music centres whether classes in ethnic music and dances can be reviewed with a focus on the intercultural dimension.

  • Designing typical didactic examples and finding out ways of teaching adults ethnic music and dances from an intercultural point of view.

  • Composition of a publication aimed at a wide audience on the topic of “Acquiring intercultural competence via classes in dancing and ethnic music”.



Seminar in Youth Center-Haskovo , mai 2007-Interkulturelle Kompetenz- Bulgarien

1.2 Main Results Expected

Specific products:

  • A set of educational modules on “Acquiring intercultural competence via dance and music”

  • A book on “How to acquire intercultural competence?”

  • A website about the project

  • Publishing articles in specialised journals

  • A symposium

  • Raised awareness of the respective topics

  • Acquiring both practical and theoretical knowledge concerning

  • Intercultural education of teachers in music and dance centers

  • The usage of TIC in adult music education from an intercultural perspective


Seminar in Youth Center-Haskovo , mai 2007-Interkulturelle Kompetenz- Bulgarien


1.3 Main Activities

Activity 1: Analysis of the educational needs of the – mainly immigrated - teachers to prepare them for the dance and music classes.

Working out a strategy to analyses the educational needs and harmonise the information from different countries. Additionally, the project will include a strategy of data processing in order to make a comparison of the countries involved in this project.

Activity 2: Extension of local co-operation to ensure the participation of a sufficient number of professionals

A campaign to raise awareness among the teachers (immigrant and non-immigrant) via individual or common meetings.

This campaign will be carried out mainly through the organisation of meetings on local and regional levels; between immigrated and non-

immigrated teachers; between “native” and national cultural organisations; between established and non-established professionals (this distinction applies especially to immigrated persons who teach their art without necessarily having a formal permit to do so); between public and private organisations.

Activity 3: Enlargement of pedagogic partnerships around the project

On top of the pedagogic quality offered by the European community, the partners in this project will have to strengthen the pedagogic dimension of the project in their own countries. This aspect is vital to support the experts a) in their seminar “Musicando” and b) while performing the experimental activities with their adult audience. In fact, such a pedagogic quality is not to be thought of if the trainers are not competent enough or if there is no pedagogically competent team at their disposal.


Seminar in Youth Center-Haskovo , mai 2007-Interkulturelle Kompetenz- Bulgarien


Activity 4: Education of the teachers in music centers

While working out the educational modules, the scientific committee will make sure that a) the training matches the needs of the teachers, b) that the audience is of a heterogeneous kind and that all generations are targeted, c) that there is a constant link between the different topics throughout the training, d) that the stress is on practical experiences instead of on theory and e) that enough time is provided for interaction between teachers and trainers.

Activity 5: Experimental activities

These will be carried out according to the principle of research and action in order to enable the teachers of dance and ethnic music a) to identify sequences that could be used for an experimental process, and b) to re-elaborate these sequences as part of an intercultural training, which will be done with the help of national trainers.

Activity 6: Diffusion and Dissemination

The following measures will be characteristic for the process of diffusion: a website, a symposium, articles in economic journals and magazines, e-mailing/newsletters, letters of information, presentation of studying adults on a local level.

This will also allow an exchange between professionals throughout Europe.






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